Threading, the ancient art of hair removal allows the natural beauty and shape of the eyebrow to shine. Threading artists are able to remove each hair directly from the root with incredible precision resulting in less pain and trauma than waxing.  Waxing often damages your skin causing it to sag over time.  No thank you!  Check out Mixed Makeup as we showed them the threads of threading. Also those with sensitive skin can smile knowing that threading is the safest and most gentle method of facial hair removal. So say goodbye to any skin irritations and hello to longer lasting, beautifully shaped brows.  All this goes for men too!  It’s manly to be well groomed. Just ask Josh. Threading, it’s literally for everyone.  

Brows $16
Face $45
Forehead $15
Chin $10
Forehead $15
Full Cheeks $15
Cheek Bones $5
Cheeks and Sides $25
Brows & Lip $25
Face & Neck $50
Sides $15
Lip $10
Lip & Chin $15
Neck $15
Brows, Lip & Chin $30




Tinting is the perfect solution for you if you constantly have to darken your brows.  Our expert brow artists use an organic, vegetable based tinting formula that is 100% ammonia free to customize each brow shade, complementing your skin tone. The color will last about 2 – 3 weeks and will not tint your skin.  Seriously.  Your skin won’t stain, just your brow hair.  We got your back like that.  Your beauty enhanced but naturally.

Brow Tinting $20





Microblading. Want your brows to look full and filled in but don’t want to have to rely on makeup everyday for that natural look? Have no fear!  Microblading by Thread is here! Wake up to perfect brows everyday.  Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that artfully creates realistic hair-like strokes.  Natural and subtle hair-like tattoos fill in any over-plucked or sparse areas allowing for your brows to find their perfect shape.  An in-depth consultation will allow our brow experts to help you find your perfect shape for fuller, natural looking brows.  You know you want it…[More Info]