Every so often an unexpected spark ignites and a movement is born.  We’ve seen it throughout history where revolutions were started and battles were fought for freedom and more.  More recently, social media has gifted everyone the opportunity to start a movement especially those with influence…say Alica Keys for example.  Know where we’re going yet?  Yes.  We are talking about her bold decision to go makeup free for photo shoots, award events and even NBC’s The Voice.  While she’s been scrutinized for her decision to go makeup free, many have also praised her and called her courageous, and we wholeheartedly agree.  She’s a beautiful and empowered woman, embracing her inner and outer beauty and there is nothing wrong with that!  If Alicia can do it, then why can’t you!  You do you boo boo!  

Now, that’s not to say we are shunning makeup forever and that one should never wear any, but we do believe allowing your skin to just breathe from time to time is extremely beneficial and liberating. Here are some benefits to going makeup free on a more regular basis.

  • Your skin can breathe!
    • Often times the makeup we wear ends up clogging our pores and actually irritating our skin.  This is especially true for those makeup products that don’t rely on nature but toxic, synthetic products.  This goes for our skin care routine as well!  Our skin is our biggest organ and loves to absorb what we put on it.  So maybe try out some more natural lines of makeup and skin care like Tata Harper, Lush or one of our faves, Yon-Ka!
  • Confidence boost!
    • What better way to say you love yourself than to walk out boldly, fresh and bright with a beautiful face and smile that says, “This is me and I’m loving it!”  If we think about it, nature doesn’t hide or cover itself up so why should we?
  • Time is money!
    • By not spending an hour perfecting your winged eye and bubble lips, you’ll have more time to treat yourself in other ways!  I don’t know about you but an extra hour of sleep is always welcome and wait, also good for your skin. Benefits on benefits.  We are ok with that!  But seriously, maybe it will allow you to grab an early breakfast with a friend you haven’t seen in forever or maybe just give yourself some quiet time.  The possibilities are endless!
  • Embrace your flaws and perfections!
    • Overtime we believe you will start to see your flaws and imperfections as beautiful and uniquely you.  For myself, I’ve learned that my freckles are cute, adorable and not cluttering my face or making it look splotchy.  Whatever you see, remember that you are your own worst critic, and we guarantee you are beautiful just the way you are…maybe it’s time we listen to some Bruno Mars?
    • #nomakeup doesn’t mean do not take care of your skin!  
      • Cleanse and moisturize!
      • Don’t forget broad spectrum sunscreen everyday! Everyday..rain or shine.
      • Strive to eat healthy, well-balanced meals!
      • Exercise!
      • Above all, keep those beautiful brows looking shapely and natural by visiting us on the regular! #shamelessplug #youknewitwascoming

At the end of the day, if you love wearing makeup embrace it.  If you love going sans makeup, then embrace it.  If you love going makeup free some days and wearing make up other days, then go for it!  What’s important is that you embrace who you are and know that you are beautiful no matter what the world says is beautiful.

Beauty is not caused. It is. – Emily Dickinson


– Jennifer Sun Bell @jennifersunbell

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