Men: To Thread or not to Thread

That is the question….The art of threading dates back centuries but has become a more recent trend in the United States.  For the most part, threading is seen as something women do to shape their eyebrows and maybe do some other facial maintenance.  Men, on the other hand, are mostly seen as coming in for facial cleanup, but do they also thread their eyebrows?  Is it considered not manly or strange for a man to thread his brows?  We believe the answer is a resounding NO!  There is nothing wrong with a guy coming in to clean up or shape his brows.  Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean you have to let that unibrow or those not-so-cuddly fuzzy caterpillars take center stage.  In fact about 30% of our clients are men!  So guys walk in with confidence and own those sexy brows!  And ladies?  Bring in your guy on a date and let them know, sexy brows aren’t just a girl thing anymore.  Watch our first threading beauty video which can be found on our youTube channel “Look Good, Feel Great” or continue reading for more tips on Men: To Thread or Not To Thread.

For the most part, guys usually like their brows to look natural with just a basic clean up, leaving no room for those girly arches.  However, if you do want some shape, just let your eyebrow specialist know exactly what you are looking for and consider it done.  We love taking a walk on the wild side with you!  Whatever you decide, the fact remains that threading is far superior to waxing and will give you exactly the look you desire.  Below are some key benefits of threading over waxing:

  • Precision – If you’re looking for an exact shape, look no further than threadings.  By being able to target specific hairs and not entire lines of hair, your eyebrows can have the exact shape you want.
  • Au Naturel – Threading will give men and women alike the most natural eyebrow shape by targeted hair removal and simply following the beautiful shape of your natural brow.
  • Bye Bye Harsh Chemicals! – Sensitive skin or not, harsh chemicals are never good for you face!  Instead of stripping away a layer of skin with your hair, threading allows only the hair to be removed using organic, 100% cotton thread.  Say goodbye to breakouts and keep your skin looking young and fresh!

So we’ve obviously convinced all the guys out there to try threading, but we all know low maintenance is good maintenance.  How long does threading last?

  • Women – Typically 2-3 weeks is good depending on how fast your brows grow.  If you’re like us and want to keep them coiffed at all times, then we suggest scheduling your 2 week appt at the end of every visit.  Plus we love seeing your beautiful faces!
  • Men – Typically 3-4 weeks unless you know they need to be tamed sooner than later!  Again, we love seeing those manly brows of yours!

So men, we hope you feel more confident about threading and trust that we got you still looking like the stud you are!  We believe TO THREAD is the way to go!  You are beautiful and handsome just the way you are…we just want to help you shine just a little bit more on the outside and the inside.  If you have any questions, please leave them below or call us and we will happily answer them with a smile and perfect brows!


– Jennifer Sun Bell @jennifersunbell

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