Alright, so December is more than halfway over, and you’re freaking out because there are still gifts to be bought and love to be shared!  Fear not!  We have the perfect, mini holiday gift guide just for you beautiful procrastinators!  (Note: This list did not get created because we, ourselves, are procrastinators…at all…)  So, without … Continue Reading

Every so often an unexpected spark ignites and a movement is born.  We’ve seen it throughout history where revolutions were started and battles were fought for freedom and more.  More recently, social media has gifted everyone the opportunity to start a movement especially those with influence…say Alica Keys for example.  Know where we’re going yet? … Continue Reading

Men: To Thread or not to Thread That is the question….The art of threading dates back centuries but has become a more recent trend in the United States.  For the most part, threading is seen as something women do to shape their eyebrows and maybe do some other facial maintenance.  Men, on the other hand, … Continue Reading